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Monday, February 25, 2019

February 2019 Meeting - Topic: GraphQL for the Full-stack .NET Developer   Register for this meeting on Meetup
February Meeting

Main Topic: GraphQL for the Full-stack .NET Developer (William Wegerson)
GraphQL can be considered a next step `rest `-ful service in terms of the functionality of what it brings to a service API. In this discussion William Wegerson gives the history of GraphQL and demoes how one can build a useful hybrid rest and GraphQL.NET API against a SQL Server 2017/Azure database. William goes old school and shows how to pass on generated JSON data via stored procedures without Entity Framework for performance considerations all within a .NET Core 2.2 API using Visual Studio 2019. He also demonstrates a GraphQL testing playground based on the rest website to do basic queries against a fully stocked database. Every step is reproducible and usable in a real life coding scenarios; so come and learn the fundamentals of GraphQL in .NET.

Wiliam Wegerson William is a full stack developer who speaks on the topics he loves to program in and use. He generally prefers to find himself on the consultant side of the office and has been determined for the past 25 years plus to ride the tech wave. By being the best he could by immersing himself in new technologies to provide solutions to the clients that hire him. His current topics are one he has worked on for a few contracts and is able to provide the pros/cons an tips to get the job done.

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